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What is this place called Quartzsite, AZ?
Located in the South West corner of Arizona, surrounded by open desert and magnificient mountains.  Quartzsite has long been a crossroad for an array of people. The number of winter visitors & tourists swell to a MILLION & more.

There are World Famous Gem Shows, the Largest Swap Meet in the World, RV Trailer Parks with full hookups or dry camping and thousands of acres of BLM areas to accomodate the RV'er, Prospector & ATV enthusiast.
Established as a stage stop on the site of old Fort Tyson in 1866, Quartzsite is now internationally famous for it's annual Rock & Mineral shows. Quartzsite Improvement association started it all 39 years ago with the first "POW WOW" rock & gem show helping to build Quartzsite to it's status of "World Famous Rock & Gem shows." Today they have over 10 themed shows with a variety of venders that attract over 1 million visitors each winter. Some stay for a few days, others a few months! Quartzsite's history is rich with prospecting & mining form 1880's to early 1900's. Even today's modern miners and prospectors are drawn to "try their luck" ...many find nugget's, gold dust & specimen quality gold bearing quartz.
In the town the Hi Jolly Monument honors the camel driver, Hadji Ali, who took part in an unsuccessful 1850's experiment to use camels as beasts of burden in the desert. To the south rise the Kofa Mountains. Historic and scenic areas include, Crystal Hill, Tyson tanks, and Tyson wells stage station museum. South in the Kofa Mtns. is Palm canyon, a tight gorge and home of Arizona's only native Palms!

Looking east from I-10 down on the Quartzsite area.   Photo by AUDC 

Local Newspapers
Quartzsite Times and Palo Verde Times

Quartzsite Museum
Tyson's Well Stage Station- Museum 
Operated by the Quartzsite Historical Society Inc.
The original adobe stage station was built in 1866 by Charley Tyson at its present location. It was an important way station on the California - Arizona line because of excellent water and grass for the horses. Miners and freighters, hauling mining equipment and military supplies from the river port at Ehrenberg, AZ also stopped here. 
The Quartzsite Historical Society opened Tyson's Well Museum in February 1980, after extensive restoration work. The original structurally sound walls were retained and others were rebuilt. A shell of stabilized adobe brick was built around the original walls to protect them.

Quartzsite Business Chamber of Commerce

Bouse Chamber of Commerce

Town of Quartzsite Official Website

The Quartzsite Gem and Mineral
The worlds largest gem and rock club. See what they have to offer.

Virtual Guidebook to Cactus Country - Quartzsite, AZ
Pan around and look at the sites.

Quartzsite Public Library

Quartzsite Local Information
Huge list of everything you might want to know about the area from the Q shows web site.

Boondocking Guide

Bureau of Land Management Camping Sites near Quartzsite, Ariz.

Dex Yellow Pages for Quartzsite, AZ

Quartzsite, AZ Weather

Shows and Events

Tradeshow and Expo Publications 


Desert Gardens International Rock, Gem and Mineral Show is the longest running show (Jan 1- Feb 28 every year)  with more rock, gem and mineral dealers on site then anywhere else in the United States. Ninety-eight percent of vendors sell, only those categories  relating  to material, equipment or finished product dealing with rocks, gems, or minerals. All vendors must stock goods which are 97% rock, gem or mineral related. The 2007 -2008 show had more then  200 dealers and looking forward to that many or more in the 2008-2009 show. Vender's come from all over the world which makes it truly an International show.

The Quartzsite Sports, Vacation & RV Show

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